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I connect ... with people through the poetry and prose that I write... with machines and engineered systems through software code, new devices, and the technology that I innovate... I connect and I love doing so...

He was Boxed on the Ears, Dragged, and Abused

This sounds quite bizarre to narrate and  surprising to read that the  Mahatma faced such violent treatment within a few days of landing in South Africa, though, he still persisted, not just physically but spiritually too. When Gandhi experienced the dark, cold and lonely night at … Continue reading

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A Transformer at Maritzburg

Indya went through a unique transformation as it came into contact with attractive figures, powerful personalities, saints, sinners, the Maulanas, the Fathers, and of course amongst all of them, the political class. One of the most profound transformation agent met … Continue reading

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Hi Folks, The vehicle of democracy with the beautiful Indya onboard has been hijacked. Indya created quite a flutter with her charms and invited troubles for herself by being generous to onlookers… this is the story of the democracy hijack drama … Continue reading

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