It is proposed that we will create opinion to bring in fundamental changes in our system of governance and parliamentary system. This is the summary vision document that would be improved upon in consultation with the people of India. To begin with, we would strive to achieve the following core changes in our system of governance:

  1. The prime minister to be elected by people directly.
  2. No parliamentarian to be part of government.
  3. A parliamentarian not to be in the government / cabinet of ministers at least for one year even after vacating the seat in the parliament.
  4. Nobody to be elected prime minister for more than 2 terms


The core problem with India is misuse of power. This creates a vicious cycle wherein the wrong people are able to acquire power.

The democratic system in India has serious flaws. The current approach is to bring in more powerful authority to control already powerful. This means the common citizen has more and more powerful government.

That creates a system which is democratic only in the name as the sweeping powers enjoyed by the executive make the citizen helpless in case of a grievance against the executives who act hand in hand.

We need to decentralise powers of the executive and separate the parliamentarians from the government.

The law makers, i.e. parliamentarians cannot be expected to also execute the law. They cannot be expected to be part of the government in the form of ministers and the prime miniter and still making laws that are fair to the citizen. It has been observed that the government has been framing laws and policies to keep the concerned political party in power rather than to make the nation and the masses grow.


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